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Customs broker Houston is the one who’ll take all responsibilities of your import and export goods while they pass United States customs territory. When you transfer goods across countries, they’ll be subjected to some kind of formalities involving United States CBP (customs and border protection). This means that your goods have to be declared to CBP. Moreover, they can face examination or even detention by the CBP officers in case they don’t comply with laws and regulations that are administered or enforced by the CBP. If formal entry of goods takes place, important information or documentation should be filed or transmitted electronically by importers of record. The importer of record is the purchaser or owner of the goods.

It becomes the responsibility of the owner to meet all legal requirements, collect accurate statistics, and assess duties properly, and so on. Also part of the entry procedure, is that goods have to be classified as well as their values should be determined. All these tasks are complex and hence importers/exporters require assistance of cargo import brokers Houston. This company will help you in meeting your responsibilities with ease. Moreover, company professionals will prepare as well as file entry documents, apart from carrying out all the other required formalities. Cap Intl the Customs brokers in Houston is a licensed agency and well-versed with experts to handle customs issues. They are well aware of rules and regulations imposed by customs and hence they ensure that your goods abide by customs law and safely reach their destination.

While importing merchandise, you must be aware of the custom bonds that must be posted if your commercial goods are valued more than $2000. These bonds are for ensuring that all taxes, fees, and duties owed to federal government shall be paid. Those who are using customs brokers in Houston for clearing their goods through CBP require bond of broker for securing their transaction. They get two options where first is obtaining continuous bond and the other is single entry. How often you import goods into US will decide as to which of the two bonds you should choose. Suppose an importer imports/exports goods occasionally, single entry bond will be a better option. On the other hand, importers who frequently require importing products through one port or through different entry ports, a continuous bond would be beneficial as well as economical option for them.

International carriers that transport passenger or cargo via vessel, vehicle, or air from some foreign destination into United States or you are a domestic carrier that simply wishes transporting imported goods “IN BOND” among different states; you’ll require obtaining customs bond. For obtaining customs bond, you require surety license from Treasury department. These bonds will be posted with CBP for covering all potential taxes, penalties, and duties that can be assessed at formal entry time of merchandise but not collected. But customers don’t have to worry about all these issues because customs brokers in Houston are here for handling all these issues. Importers simply have to contact the company and tell them some important details whereas rest of the work will be handled by the company itself.