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Customs broker Houston facilitates shipment as well as delivery of goods to and from geographical borders for organizations and individuals. There are several people who aren’t aware of the huge amount of raw materials and goods that is crossing international borders each single day as well as what all is required for clearing such goods through customs of different countries. Every country has its own set of rules as well as regulations for transference of goods that leave or enter their borders. Moreover, regulations and laws of customs concerning export and import of goods are changing constantly in all parts of the world.

If you are an export and import dealer whose goods have to undergo customs formalities, Cap Intl, Inc the Houston customs brokers is the best source of assistance for getting your goods cleared from customs. This brokerage firm is completely aware of the rules and regulations of customs and it streamlines goods shipping process to maximum possible extent for both organizations and individuals. So, now you can free yourself from the stressful and time consuming procedure of learning shipping regulations and dealing with custom officers. All these problems of yours will be sorted out and taken care of by Houston customs brokers while you can utilize this time in dealing with your clients and managing your core business. This customs broker will serve as translator, communicate with government and agencies throughout your shipping process for ensuring that every required procedure has been duly followed.

There are people across the globe not aware of what is a customs broker. In simple terms, customs broker is a professional involved in clearing of shipments through customs barriers and work for exporters and importers. They are involved in document preparations, electronic submission of those documents, calculation and payments of duties, excises, and taxes, and facilitate communication between importers/exporters and government authorities. Customs brokers are generally employed by independent businesses, shipping lines, exporters, importers, custom brokerage firms, and trade authorities.

When you are hiring a customs broker, you need to be ready with some documents and these include commercial invoice, country of origin marking, other regulatory agencies, and air waybill or bill of landing, apart from the other formalities. According to the law, imported goods should be marked properly with necessary country of origin. Every imported good has to get marked as per the Customs regulations in permanent, indelible, and visible manner. In case importers/exporters fail to do so, their shipment can get delayed because of Customs examinations. Moreover, they can be fined for not abiding by Customs regulations, suffer import privileges loss, additional reworking and remarking goods costs, and permanent seizure of shipment by US Customs. Customs broker Houston is well-versed in marking procedure and they ensure that you goods are well marked so that they can pass customs easily. This company ensures that markings are permanent hence; they use metal die stamping, sew into fabrics, or etched into glass. They make sure that markings are legible so that inspectors can find it easily. Moreover, markings are done in English as per custom’s regulation.