Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance Service

Every shipment and every product entering the U.S. including mail, must clear Customs. That’s where Cap International comes in. We are a customs brokerage firm. We try to get shipments through Customs quickly and do it at a competitive price. After clearing Customs the shipment gets delivered to its final destination as soon as possible.

Having cleared tens of thousands of shipments over the years, we have a proven track record of making the lives of importers simple and stress-free. We accomplish this by clearing your urgent, time sensitive shipments, regardless of what or how they’re imported. That includes shipments arriving by air, sea, ground, rail, mail and even carried on passenger’s bags.

Our highly trained, experienced import specialists are knowledgeable in all kinds of commodities such as textiles, food items, perishables, machinery, steel products, toys and more. Cap Intl agents are familiar with all international trade regulations on imports making expediting the Customs clearance of your merchandise easier. Our agents will process all documentation and submit a Customs entry that ensures your imported products are classified properly and that they get the lowest rate allowed. Have questions? Our agents can advise you on the best way to handle your shipment.

Saving you time and money

At Cap Intl we know that time is money. We understand that you need to get your products to your customers when they expect or risk losing their business all together. That’s why we strive to process and clear all shipments as soon as possible.

Every shipment is entered into our automated electronic interface, which immediately clears a big percentage of shipments. Our results speak for themselves—over 90% of entries are cleared within 24 hours and many are cleared within minutes as a paperless clearance.

Another way Cap Intl helps you save is by submitting the customs entry and to pre-clearing the products before they arrive. For air shipments we submit the entry as soon as the flight departs foreign soil. For ocean shipments we submit the customs clearance three days prior to the vessel arrival, allowing us to pre-clear the majority of shipments prior to the vessel arriving at port. We also pre-clear ocean shipments that travel from the port of arrival to the city of unlading via rail or truck.

For truck shipments arriving at the U.S. border with Canada or Mexico, we expedite the clearance by submitting the entries prior to the truck arriving at the border. Why do all this pre-prep work? If this pre-process is skipped, the truck would have to wait for Customs clearance and this waiting time is charged back to the importer or shipper. So you see, this preparation saves you time and like we’ve already established, time equals money.

Customs Clearance Nation Wide

Cap international is a licensed national customs broker. As a national customs broker we handle all documentation and clear shipments in all cities of the U.S. from our offices in Houston. The process of clearing in other cities is called Remote Location Filing, to learn more about it please click Remote Location Filing. If you have any questions call us (832-649-4392) or email us at

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