Getting Reliable Customs Brokerage Services at Caps International

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The phenomenon of globalization, though just a couple of decades old, has spelled immense amount of benefits for the economies. It has given countries the advantage of overcoming their own weaknesses by capitalizing on the strengths of other countries. In case people did not know, the ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted Customs entry that may be used by importers on a temporary basis for importing specific types of goods, without having to go through the trouble of completing various formalities at the Customs office. Another advantage of this document is that the importers are exempted from paying any of the value added duties on the goods imported by them.

As far as the United States is concerned, the country allows import of only certain kinds of goods on this document, and that to on a temporary basis. The goods allowed for import on the ATA Carnet are some types of advertising materials, professional equipments and commercial samples.

Carnets are basically a type of security instrument that countries accept in lieu of payment of the various duties, in the form of a guarantee. These duties are the value added taxes that the importer may have to incur on the goods imported by them on a temporary basis.

ATA is a French phrase, “Admission-Temporaire”, which means temporary admission. People can easily seek the help of customs brokerage services to secure this extremely important document.

  • There are various benefits related to ATA Carnet, for importers. The foremost among these benefits is that importers are presented with a very simplified set of formalities for importing goods on a temporary basis. Without this document, importers would have to go through the difficult process of completing an exhaustive set of formalities. Importers can use this document for innumerable entries and exits in United States and participating countries, for a period of one year, importing goods without paying duties.  Importers can also use this document for easy entry and exit, free of duty, into all participating countries. If people are looking for good customs brokers in Houston, then they can contact Caps International which has years of experience in the field of Customs clearance.
  • People would be doing themselves a great favor if they hire the services of an import customs broker. Every country has a specific set of rules and regulations regarding international trade. If the imported goods are not compliant with these standards, they are not cleared at the Customs office. Importers may even have to face certain penalties, which delay in shipment of the imports due to extensive examination by the Customs officials. They can pay penalties and fines for failing to abide by the standards set by the federal government.  Importers can lose their import privileges and even seizure of the imported goods permanently. With the help of the customs brokerage services provided by Caps International, importers would be able to avoid any such scenario by successfully completing the formalities. The company offers reliable and efficient services in exchange of a small commission. The company also offers assistance in filing for other important import documents like Customs Bonds and filing for the very important ISF (Import Security Filing).