Getting the Best of Customs Brokerage Services with CAP International

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The recent wave of globalization that rippled through the world a couple of decades ago lead to more benefits than drawbacks. It has given countries all over the world, opportunities to overcome their weaknesses by capitalizing on the strengths of other countries. Also, it has paved way for dialogue between countries on long standing disputes. However, the biggest advantage of increased globalization was undoubtedly reaped by international trade, which helped open many more trade opportunities, by way of increased international cooperation. Indeed, international trade has proved to be financially rewarding for many people.

However, one of the largest obstacles that many importers face is interfacing with Customs and Border Protection as they import cargo into the U.S.  In the event that cargo shipments that are imported do not meet official standards, cargo cannot be cleared through Customs and cannot be released into the commerce of the U.S.   Importers can face penalties and costs, as well as delays in the event of intensive examination by Customs officials.  Importers can lose their import privilege and even have their cargo seized by Customs permanently.

In order to avoid such outcomes an importer can hire the services of a reliable import customs broker. These professionals help importers in fulfilling the various formalities at the Customs office and aid in clearing the imported shipments through Customs. In case people are looking for good clearing agents, then they could contact CAP International, which offers premium clearing services for imports and has extensive experience in this field.

In providing customs brokerage services, CAP International provides help to importers in securing important documents that can help them easily import goods. For instance, the company helps an importer secure Customs Bonds, which is a serves as insurance to the Customs officials, that in case the goods are not cleared, then the penalty will be paid by the importer. The surety bond provided by an import customs broker is used as the Customs Bond.

Another document that is very essential to importers is the ATA Carnet, which is a document with which nonresident individuals can import goods of specific types, on a temporary basis, into the US and any other participating country, without submitting any other Customs entry and without paying any of the duties and added taxes on the imported shipments. CAP International helps its clients to process the ATA Carnet easily.

CAP International can help the importer in filing for the important ISF (Import Security Filling). This is an important document that needs to be filed by any company or individual who is importing via ocean freight, as per the norms set by the United States Customs and Border Protection. Under this document, importers are required to notify the authorities on a prior basis before the arrival of their shipment. The other range of services offered by Cap International includes warehousing, distribution and consultancy among many more. The company has years of experience in offering clearing and customs brokerage services, which has enabled it to assemble an enviable clientele.