Reasons to Choose Clearing agent in Houston Only

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CAP International Inc. is one of the best Customs clearing service providers in Houston. Because of their reliable and cost-effective services, they have a long list of customers. Moreover, CAP International has been offering incomparable services in this field for over thirty three years and is still continuing its work. It is a licensed importer broker company offering import product clearance service for customers that includes all government agencies dealing with imports. This in turn means meeting federal communications commission, alcohol tobacco and firearms, EPA, food and drug, customs, agriculture department, DOT, and fish and wildlife requirements for imported cargo. Customs broker services are available for those importers in need of remote location filing, custom bonds, warehousing and distribution, consulting, import security filing, and pick-up and delivery. For best, reliable, and efficient service, you can contact CAP International Inc. Monday through Friday, during business hours. Our import specialists are  available for providing assistance to address customer’s  questions, queries, or doubts.

Each shipment as well as product entering US, including mail, must be cleared through Customs and this requires the service of a Customs broker. It is a customs brokerage firm that obtains the cargo release from Customs in the shortest possible time. After Customs releases the shipment, it will be delivered to the final destination as quickly as possible.  CAP International has processed thousands of shipments through Customs over the past years and has a track record of simplifying the lives of importers at the best possible price.

Our company aims at clearing through Customs the urgent and time sensitive shipments of yours regardless of your type of cargo. Our services apply to all kinds of shipments arriving by sea, rail, ground, mail, air, and even those that are carried by passengers in their bags. The import specialists available at CAP International are highly experienced, well-trained, and competent at handling all types of simple and complex cases. Moreover, they have knowledge of all types of commodities like food items, machinery, toys, steel products, perishables, textiles, and much more. Our clearing agents here are familiar with  international trade regulations for all imports thereby making Customs clearance of your merchandise a simple process.

Our import specialists will also offer up-to-date advice to best handle your cargo shipment. CAP International understands that the products need to be delivered to your customers ASAP so that you don’t face the risk of losing their business. Hence, we strive to process and obtain the Customs release of your shipment in a timely fashion.   Each shipment will be entered through an automated electronic interface that immediately clears a large percentage of  shipments. Within 24 hours, 90% of the entries will be cleared and many will be cleared in minutes without requiring paper clearance.

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