What some of our customers are saying….

Henry W. Turner

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you and Irene have done for us throughout the years. Cap has been and continues to be a ‘strategic’ partner for at least the past 8-9 years.

Having our manufacturing facilities in the UK creates a lot of interesting dynamics and challenges, which you have always managed very promptly and efficiently.

Once again, thanks for everything. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years.

Beth Wright

Cap International has been our customs broker for many years, and we have had a very good relationship. They are very efficient, conscientious people. They help us weekly as they clear shipments for us from all over the world. Whenever we have a question or a special need, whether it be specifically customs related of not, they quickly go to work to help us understand what needs to be done. I have nothing but good things to say about Cap International.

Bertrand Oriot

Bertrand’s Inc. is a specialty imported food distributor. In the past three years, our efforts have been concentrated on selecting products from Europe complementing our present worldwide lines. These products are defined under three categories: dried, refrigerated and frozen. The Expiration date of the product may vary from one week on fresh truffles from Perigord France, to over a year on any frozen fruit purees from Italy.

It is imperative to understand the complexities of importing and the limited life so we needed to surround ourselves with a custom broker that comprehends the logistics of our business. I would like to recommend Cap International. Mauricio Capriles, President, has not only provided us with an impeccable service, but also has followed up and often helped us overcome the difficulties of imports. His integrity, commitment and dedication have helped us double our business in the past two years. His office staff is knowledgeable and is always there to expedite with any questions we may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Ricardo Herrera

As an importer/exporter company for many years, we were using different customhouse brokers that created problems with our customers until we found Cap International, Inc. on June 1992. Since then, Cap International has provided us with extremely god service in getting our shipments cleared thru customs. Our shipments now clear immediately, sometimes even before the plane arrives in Houston.

This high performance especially benefits our dental lab customers who are dentists receiving fast service under our on time delivery policy.

Tristar is please to present Cap International, Inc. to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient customs broker.

Rocky Glasscock

This letter is written in appreciation of the outstanding service that Cap International has provided USA ROCK BIT, INC. while acting as our exclusive custom house broker. We have used Cap international exclusively for the past five years and have been extremely pleased with the exceptional service and the personalized attention to detail that Cap International has provided for us.

We heartily recommend the services of Cap International to all interested parties and welcome any inquiries that you may have in regards to the performance of Cap International.

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