Why Us

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Why Us?

When you’re not the biggest

You try harder,

Or else

Little fish have to keep moving all the time. The big ones never stop picking on them.

Cap International knows all about the problems of little fish.

We’re not the biggest Customs Broker. We’d be swallowed up if we didn’t try harder.

There’s no rest for us.

We’re always learning. We make sure that all of our shipments are handled properly, cleared quickly and efficiently. We see that our programs are up to date. We are constantly checking that all shipments are delivered on time.

Of all the shipments we clear, 92% of them are cleared within 24 hours.

And since we’re not the biggest broker, we always have time for you. We will answer your questions.

We will not create excuses.

Cap International is not the biggest Customs broker

So why go with us?

We try harder.

(When you’re not the biggest, you have to.)

Obviously, the thing we try hardest is to clear your shipments on time.  And to deliver your shipments hassle free.


Because we can’t afford to take you for granted.

Go with us next time you have a shipment or call us if you have a question.

CALL us!  Our telephones are not as busy since we are not the biggest. We always have time for you.

(832) 649-4392 or email: Logistics@capcustomsbroker.com


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