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What is Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism?

customs and border protection

US customs and border protection

C-TPAT is a voluntary partnership between U.S. Customs and private companies to fight against terrorism. The purpose of C-TPAT is to improve the U.S. border security. This partnership was started in November of 2001, just two months after the events of September 11.

When a private business signs the agreement to join and become a partner in C-TPAT, it is required to have its security procedures checked by Customs. Every year the partner must update company information and security profile, and complete an Annual Security Profile Review. The update is to the security practices that were validated and checked by the C-TPAT validation team when initially joined. The validation is to certify that the company’s security profile is reliable, accurate and effective.

Validation also provides a meeting in which Customs and the C-TPAT partner can discuss security issues. They share best practices in which together they can develop solutions to potential terrorist attacks.

Fewer Cargo Examinations

Once a company commits and becomes a partner to the C-TPAT program, it qualifies to have fewer cargo examinations. Non members are six times more likely to have a security cargo examination and four times more likely to have a trade related examination. So being a partner in C-TPAT has big advantages for importers. Such as getting fewer examinations, saving money by getting fewer examinations and not having delays due to examinations. So what are you waiting for! Join C-TPAT!

We Can Help You to Join C-TPAT

Cap International can help you to process your application to join C-TPAT, by assigning one of our agents who is an expert in C-TPAT. The agent can help you with the application to join.

Cap Intl, Inc. is a Partner in C-TPAT
and is Committed in the Fight Against Terrorism.

Call us at 832-649-4392 or send us an email to mailto:Logistics@capcustomsbroker.com



Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

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